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Welcome to Shoju CHIBA's Home Page!

My Name: Shoju CHIBA

In Japanese order, CHIBA Shoju - CHIBA is my family name.

in kanji:
千葉 庄寿 (in Unicode: CHIBA = U+5343 U+8449; Shoju = U+5E84 U+5BFF)
in hiragana:
ちば しょうじゅ (in Unicode: CHIBA = U+3061 U+3070; Shoju = U+3057 U+3087 U+3046 U+3058 U+3085)

Affiliation [CV]


My Lectures (to be held in academic year 2007)

Syllabi are available (although in Japanese).

Reitaku University College of Foreign Studies:
  • Computer Literacy
  • Information Science
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Multimedia Web page Creation
  • Programming with Perl
  • Multilingual Processing
Reitaku University School of Graduate Studies:
  • Information Processing Basics
  • Information Processing Advanced
  • Humanities Computing
  • Corpus Linguistics

Research Interests

  • Finnish Linguistics
  • General Linguistics
  • Corpus-based Linguistic Research
    • Corpus-based language description
    • Developing tools for building electronic linguistic database (especially lesser-used languages), multimedia- multimodal linguistic corpora, and tools for handling structured linguistic corpora [tools]
  • Developing prototypes of Creater-frendly CALL (Computer-Assisted Language Learning) system

Selected Publications

Full publication list (including presentations) is found here.


Current projects
Old projects:

Academic Societies

Contact Information

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Other sites

Note that most of the resources of the web sites mentioned below are written in Japanese.

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